Dr. Laura Osteen - Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Education

"I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise at his ability to turn our conversation into a tangible, larger than life statement of my life philosophy... "

Dr. Laura Osteen - Director, Center for Leadership and Civic Education at FSU


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Action, Studio, Landscape and Other Photographic Images

Photography Services

Photo Services Photography has long been the visual powerhouse behind any company's public profile. Quality photographic images don't come easily in a real world situations. They require planning, thought, and coordination to achieve accurate imagery that adheres to the company's art direction and conveys their initiatives. Sheet Design has the ability to shoot high resolution images of your business, venture, and organization, while also thinking of the "big picture" and implementing them across all mediums. Learn about photography services today to schedule a date and time for your next photo shoot.

High resolution pictures and photographs in a branding/marketing can make or break your visual appearance. Sheet Design has the ability to organize, communicate, and deliver brilliant photos that both you and your client will love. Images from action, architecture, portraiture, wildlife and still life are pertinent to your business identity. Sure you know what you are selling/ creating/ providing, but does your client? Industry experience as a graphic/ web/ branding designer have also helped us better understand the needs and wants of photographs from a design perspective. Sheet Design will make your organization into a competitive and professional entity.

Action Photography

Action photography requires photographic experience and knowledge compressed into short moments of time in order to catch a significant moment. Capturing a moving object in the environment in which it exists naturally can be a difficult task, but it can also accurately display the event in one single image. The saying, "A picture is worth 1000 words" is most accurate when it comes to action photography.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is a beautiful branch of architecture in general. Man-made forms such as building and structures encompass aesthetic and functional design at its finest. The ability to capture these forms in their best light and vantage point is a science in its own.

Black and White Photography

Black and white photography has been around since the creation of photography as an artistic medium. In many ways it still possesses the true essence of photography; with no unnecessary distraction from color, the viewer is left to interpret the subject in its true light and contrast.

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography has the ability to capture captivating images from sunrise, sunset, and the general environment of a particular scene. When executed properly, photographed landscapes can properly convey the emotion and energy of a particular location with great accuracy. Often utilizing long exposures, dynamic lighting, and wider lens view, landscapes can draw a lot of attention to a particular location.

High Dynamic Range Photography

High Dynamic Range photography or HDR is a form of photography that uses a series of images shot at slightly different exposures, and then using a computer to overlay those images into one hyper-detailed image. The details in the highlights from the brighter exposures, shadow details from the darker exposures, and mid-tone details from the normal exposures come together to form a vibrant image that mirrors a painting.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is the idea of capturing people, faces, and bodies to convey the idea of emotion. One of the more popular forms of imagery, portrait photography is used heavily in advertising of products and places. The shots usually look natural and taken in the heat of the moment, but rarely are. Intensive planning, lighting, and preparation go into every professional looking image.

Published Photography

Published photography consists of all of the images that Sheet Design has gotten published in magazines, web sites, and other publications. Incorporating a wide range of photographic mediums - everything from architecture, portraiture, action, still-life and other categories have been showcased in major publications.

Still Life Photography

Still Life photography involves everything from cars, apparel, small objects, and other inanimate forms of life. Often utilized in marketing and advertising materials, still life will show the subject of choice in the best lighting and environment in order to most accurately and beautifully portray it.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a very challenging faction within photography itself, largely because you are working with animals that are not necessarily working with you. Capturing wild life in their natural habitat, in good lighting and color requires patience, timing, and a little bit of luck. However, when done properly, it can produce stunning and serene imagery.

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