Jeff Hoxtell - Air Padre

"Sheetz Design has been able to provide us with an array of services in a prompt and professional manner. From stunning graphic art work to... "

Jeff Hoxtell - Owner, Air Padre Kiteboarding


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Portfolio of Watercolor and other paintings

Painting and Fine Arts

Painting has long been a work in progress for Sheetz Design. Look out for great portfolio pieces coming in the future years for this sections from oil, acrylic and mixed medias. However, as of now the only discipline that exists in good form is the watercolor section. Because of the smaller space, supplies, and time required to produce watercolor art, we have focused our time and effort in that area alone. That being said, watercolor can be a mezmoring and unique medium, so look out for custom watercolor artworks to be used across other forms of design in our portfolio. Enjoy!

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