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Neil McClure - CEO, TKO Enterprises


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Portfolio of Pen & Ink Illustrations and Drawings

Blues Brothers 1 Blues Brothers 2 Bob Marley Chuck Berry Flea Jimi Hendrix Johnny Cash Smokin' Aces Marilyn Monroe Notorious BIG Raising Arizona Ray Charles Red Hot Chilli Peppers The White Stripes Rage Against the Machine

Feel free to contact if you need a person, place, or thing of your own drawn by hand in pen and ink. The portfolio below showcases a variety of illustration and drawing samples. Sheetz Design offers custom illustration services to supply you with high quality, hand-drawn illustrations of all types of subjects.

Blues Brothers Drawing

Blues Brothers Illustration

The The Blues Brothers' Show Band drawings stem from my enjoyment of the band and their music. The Saturday Night Live sketch that turned into a musical film deuces incredible performers and musicians. Jim Belushi and Dan Aykroyd are the two actor/ musicians illustrated here.

Biggie Smalls Drawing

Biggie Smalls Illustration

The Notorious B.I.G. is a famous east-coast rapper that unfortunately past away in the late 1990's. I greatly enjoy his rapping style, and it seems like he is still putting out records even though he is no longer alive! Notorious B.I.G. (also known as Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa, and other aliases) had great influence on modern music.

Bob Marley Drawing

Bob Marley Illustration

Bob Marley is a popular Reggae musician that has been recognized world-wide for his influence and uniqueness. Selling more than 25 million copies of his Legend CD, Bob Marley is a legend. Also, he image is depicted regularly for a variety of purposes. Here is a hand illustration I created of the iconic man, available to purchase and use in your own endeavors.

Chuck Berry Drawing

Chuck Berry Illustration

I admire Chuck Berry because his incredible musical talent at an age when people didn't even know what he was doing. Establishing and pushing rock and roll, his guitar playing still amazes and inspires. If you have never heard Chuck Berry pick up his greatest hits album and if you like guitar solos and rock you will be amazed. Then look at the year he produced it! This pen and ink is aimed at picking up finite details of his character.

Jimi Hendrix Drawing

Jimi Hendrix Illustration

Jimi Hendrix is an icon in the music world. Possibly one of the greatest guitarists of all time. I drew this pose of Jimi Hendrix not playing the guitar, but looking fashionable in his creative clothing. Jimi Hendrix is a favorite artist of mine, and I create a lot of artwork around him and his music.

Johnny Cash Drawing

Johnny Cash Illustration

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash". Cash spanned all types of music genres and is inducted into the Country, Rock & Roll, and Gospel Hall of Fame. Although, many know him for his country and rock songs, I especially enjoy his modern covers of rock bands. This iconic pose drawn in pen and ink illustrates his inner rebel.

Mad Max Drawing

Mad Max Illustration

Raising Arizona I drew this character from the Raising Arizona film because I enjoyed his grungy look. He was a bad-ass guy who rode a motorcycle, and toted shotguns and things of that nature.

Marilyn Monroe Drawing

Marilyn Monroe Illustration

Marilyn Monroe is an iconic woman in history. I took the time to illustrate her in this seductive pose using pen and ink. If you are interested in purchasing the piece, you can do so buy clicking the "Buy Now" button. Upon purchase, you will receive the original scanned image in 300dpi resolution at the size of 6" x 8".

Ray Charles Drawing

Ray Charles Illustration

What more can you say good about Ray Charles? The man is blind and plays the piano better than most people to walk the earth. I loved his appearance in the Blues Brother movie (see above). Considerable time was taken to accurately portray the textures within his face.

Flea Drawing - Red Hot Chille Peppers

Flea Illustration

Having played the bass for many years, I have acquired a few favorite bassist's. Jack Bruce, Geezer Butler, and Flea. I love emulating Flea's unique style, and even though I would never think to play the instrument like he does, it is still mesmerizing.

Anthony Kiedis Drawing

Anthony Kiedis Illustration

Lead singer Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers has an interested lyrical style mixed between rapping and singing. In combination with Flea and the other band members, they make some long lasting great music. I do greatly enjoy their earlier funkier albums though.

Run DMC Drawing

Run DMC Illustration


The White Stripes Drawing

The White Stripes Illustration

The White Stripes

Zack de la Rocha Drawing

Zack de la Rocha Illustration

Zack de la Rocha from Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Smokin' Aces Drawing

Smokin' Aces Illustration

Smokin' Aces

Iguana Lizard Drawing

Iguana Lizard Illustration



Interested in having something else drawn?

Please contact me if you need person, place, or thing drawn for any reason. Sheetz Design offers illustration services to supply you with high quality, hand-drawn illustrations of all types of subjects. We offer a range of styles and sizes that it can be composed at. Contact us with your project idea, and we can agree upon a price for the delivered goods.

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